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Arkansas Implements Observation Engine Statewide

teacher evaluators using Observation Engine

BloomBoard’s observation tool, EdReflect, has been used across the state of Arkansas since fall 2014. Last year the Arkansas Department of Education piloted Observation Engine, an online observation training and calibration tool from Empirical Education Inc., in four districts under

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Florida Consortium Identifies Cross-Protocol Commonalities

NEFEC logo

The North East Florida Educational Consortium (NEFEC), on behalf of member and participating districts, has been using Observation Engine™ to support inter-rater reliability among school-based administrators. Building on current research, Dr. Shane Jay Fairbairn and Mark Bracewell are developing a

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State Reports Show Almost All Teachers Are Effective or Highly So. Is This Good News?

Graph showing Met vs district data

The New York Times recently picked up a story, originally reported in Education Week two months ago, that school systems using formal methods for classroom observation as part of their educator evaluations are giving all but a very small percent of teachers high

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