Kickstart your Calibration and Training with the Observation Engine Content Suite!

Empirical Education has launched the latest and most exciting enhancement to our certification and calibration tool, Observation Engine.  Our Content Suite is currently being used by two of our clients: Pittsburgh Public Schools, and Arkansas Equitable Access districts.picture of a teacher helping students in the classroom

Content Suite contains a collection of master scored videos along with thoughtful, objective score justifications, allowing school systems to quickly get up and running with video-based training, calibration, and certification activities for their teacher evaluators. The Suite contains both full-length videos scored on all observable elements of teaching, as well as short video clips focused on one particular aspect of teaching. The combination of full-length and short clips makes it possible to easily and flexibly set up practice exercises, collaborative calibration sessions, and/or formal certification testing.

The Content Suite implements an observation protocol we call the Web Protocol, which has elements in common with frameworks adopted by many states and districts. It can be easily cross-walked to these other rubrics and frameworks. The content can be used as-is, but can also be reviewed and modified by the client, to ensure that the scores and justifications are consistent with the local context and observation framework interpretation. Observation Engine support staff will work closely with each client to modify content and design a customized implementation plan that meets the goals of the school system and sets up evaluators for success. For more information about the Content Suite, click here.


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