Florida Consortium Identifies Cross-Protocol Commonalities

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The North East Florida Educational Consortium (NEFEC), on behalf of member and participating districts, has been using Observation Engine to support inter-rater reliability among school-based administrators. Building on current research, Dr. Shane Jay Fairbairn and Mark Bracewell are developing a new model in collaboration with experts certified in two different protocols. Based on the Florida Educator Accomplished Practices, NEFEC identified 14 commonalities between the Danielson and Marzano protocols to create rubrics from which to compare scores and provide opportunities for administrators to discuss best practices, regardless of which observation protocol they currently use for teacher evaluation. The certification process developed through this project will provide a sustainable and defensible way to ensure administrators are prepared to observe and evaluate classroom practices. Districts will benefit from the blended model of delivery as it will supplement, not replace, any proprietary training already conducted by third-party providers. In the blended model, administrators practice scoring master-scored videos from a range of instructional strategies. Additional asynchronous course content is delivered based on the data from these practice sessions to help improve both administrator confidence and inter-rater reliability. Once administrators have practiced and are ready, they participate in a controlled certification test using a full lesson segment. When they have met the threshold for agreement and discrepant scores, they are certified as NEFEC observers. NEFEC will use data collected from the project to inform regional training opportunities for participating districts as well as asynchronous professional learning sessions. To find out more or to participate in this process, please contact Dr. Fairbairn or Mr. Bracewell.


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