As classroom observations become a common element of systematic teacher evaluations, it is essential to establish and maintain consistency among all the administrators, coaches, and other educators who are conducting the observations.

The Observation Engine is an a­ffordable online tool that helps you prepare and certify school leaders to conduct classroom observations.

School systems use the Observation Engine to support training of both evaluators and teachers, to calibrate and achieve inter-rater reliability among their observers, and to certify educator evaluators to conduct classroom observations.  It works with any observation protocol: homegrown, licensed from a protocol developer, or adapted from existing protocols.

Here are some solu­tions that Obser­va­tion Engine offers.

Train­ing and Online Learning

Photo of educators watching lessons

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Photo of evaluation staff

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Photo of principal taking a certification test

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Protocol Validation

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They are incredible from beginning to end—from the quality of their platform and statistical expertise to their customer service and project management.
—Jana Burk, Executive Director of Teacher and Leader Effectiveness of Tulsa Public Schools